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11 Oct




As summer wound down this year I decided to embark on one last international adventure. The only catch? My usual travel buddy would be unable to ride along, as he was busy saving sick kids back home. His loss ?

The plan was to snag a direct flight from the northeast US to Northern England so I could reconnect with a friend from medical school who was living in Carlisle, the capital of the English county of Cumbria. After a night of ticket sleuthing, I found a seat from Boston to Manchester, England on a very English sounding airlines, Thomas Cook. From Manchester, I took a two hour train ride to Carlisle where my friend greeted me at the train station. Carlisle was a quaint, beautiful and traditional English county sect. We stayed up all night talking, catching up and just being silly (those of you who saw my snapchat might remember us ordering in pizza, conversing with the pizza delivery guy with full on face masks like it’s totally normal ?) After 24 hours we bid farewell to Carlisle and took a train back to Manchester.

Although Manchester isn’t as eventful as London (Sohail and I were there earlier this year, but I never wrote a blog post on it because I accidentally deleted all of my London photos ??), it was still nice to leave the homeland and be in a different place, even for just the weekend. The best part about it was catching up with one of my oldest and truest friends and seeing her with her soul mate. It made my heart happy.

There was a street I loved in particular in Manchester and that was Tib Street. There was so much street art, and well, you guys know by now fine arts are my jam.

So if you’re ever in Manchester and in need of a photo backdrop, here you go:










Flying over the Isle of Man

Flying over the Isle of Man on my way home

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