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6 Feb


So even before Sohail and I left to visit this pretty little paradise, I had “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys on repeat. I could not wait to be on another island and escape this icky, cold NY weather. And since our flights cost $200 total for the both of us it was a super sweet escape. Does anyone else get extra hyped when you get a good deal on something? Last year, half of our domestic travel cost us nothing! We flew for FREE! I want to share some pictures from Bermuda but also how we were able to utilize a total of 15,600 JetBlue points in order to fly to this island. Not only was it super easy to get there (a 2 hour and 11 minute direct flight) but that extra vitamin D didn’t hurt and flying JetBlue is always a pleasure.

People often ask how we get to travel so much, so hopefully this is a bit of a guideline for everyone. I’m going to add a sample itinerary to demonstrate.

Note: you do not need to have a JetBlue credit card to ┬áredeem points for flights. You would need a TrueBlue account and can sign up for free. We use the American Express gold card that collects points for our everyday purchases. You get 3 points per dollar when you purchase airline flights, 2 points per dollar from grocery stores and gasoline purchases and 1 point per dollar on all of your other everyday purchases. When we signed up for the AMEX gold card there was an offer when you spend $1,000 in the first three months you receive a 50,000 points bonus. I was able to transfer AMEX points to my true blue account and to delta’s skymiles program and redeem them for free flights out of ┬áNY to New Orleans, Chicago, Charleston and Salt Lake City last year.

If you open up the JetBlue app or log into the mobile site you will see that at the end of March, the points to Bermuda are 2,000 TrueBlue points one way [JFK-Bermuda]. Make sure to select the ‘pay with TrueBlue points’ before you proceed. Once you select your round trip flight you will only be paying 4,000 points and approximately $100 in tourism taxes from the Bermuda government which isn’t too bad for a round trip flight at all. We utilized 3,600 points per flight with the same amount in taxes so this is a huge steal right now.

This outgoing flight from JFK to Bermuda international is direct and 2,000 points plus taxes and fees. We purchased one way tickets for 3,600 points, so this is def a steal.

Notice here as well the flight back is 2,000 points but the price on top of the points is about $95 in tourism and government fees. In total each flight would cost 4,000 points and approximately $100 per person. That’s like flying to an island for $50 one way!

Peace out Bermewja

I love sharing my travel photography with you guys but I’m also going to start sharing some tricks on how to get to places without draining your bank account. Stay tuned.

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