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10 Aug

Chicago Art Hunt

Chicago is my favorite city in the continental United States. I’m definitely a little biased though, because I lived and rotated there for a while. It’s the home of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah and Kanye West.

And whenever I fly into Chi-town it feels like I’m simply coming back home. ‘Homecoming’ by Kanye West plays in my head the whole time I’m there. It was awesome bringing Sohail to Chi town this past month because not only did I get to play tour-guide (is tour-guidess a word? because I was totally going to type that) but we were finally able to experience my favorite city together! I’ll be honest with you guys, I was in the moment so much that I kind of forgot to take pictures but I’ll share whatever I did take, as always. Here’s a little street art guide next time you’re in Chicago and need a backdrop for a photo or two.

How dope is this mural? I got a lot of questions on where it is and I have all the info for you guys.

Location: 2236 N Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square

Artists: Victor Ving & Lisa Beggs.


If you go to the above mural and look to your right, you’ll find this one under the train tracks.


Walk the opposite way of the Chicago mural and you’ll find this in the alley way.


Soley loved this one. Walk through that little alley way and you’ll find this abstract piece covering the entire wall next to a department store.


And if you’re on the hunt for some good latte art, go to Sawada cafe in the west loop. We had the military lattes which are a 10/10.



I love coming back home.

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